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While I am waiting: lessons of the-not-so-patient kind

I’ve been waiting to see the cover of my book for 39 days, 4 hours, 15 minutes, and 37 seconds by the time this sentence is done. I’ve bitten all my nails off, rehearsed my dance of joy about five hundred thirty times, and refreshed my e-mail every two-and-a-half minutes while awake.

I am still waiting.

They say good things come to those who wait so I’ve decided to adopt a zen attitude. I now refresh my e-mail every five minutes and I’ve resisted adding extra steps to my dance. And instead of doing a cover reveal in this blog post, I’ll be doing a painting reveal. Which, incidentally, I’ve been painting while waiting. Can you guess why I called it ‘Imagine’? You cannot see it but she is holding a book.


You are required to like it. Why?

Because it’s my blog and I am cranky from all the waiting.

Wait, who? Me?

Drum roll please!

Starting on October 17th and going through to November 17, 2014 my collection of oil and mixed media pieces will be on show at a gallery Amor Al Arte in Cuenca, Spain. Below is the poster with all the information — please drop by if you find yourself in Cuenca!

Cuenca Exhibition Poster

The magic of #CosmicConsciousness

On Tuesday morning I woke up to hundreds (!) of Twitter interactions in my nascent Twitter account, @MGokunArt. With the account being live for only a couple of weeks and with just 12 followers, something was happening. And that something turned out to be nothing short of amazing!

Rewind a few days. Deepak Chopra (@DeepakChopra) asked his followers to tweet pictures, quotes, and writing with a hash tag #CosmicConsciousness. He said he’d re-tweet the ones he liked and so I tweeted a couple of my paintings. This was his response to one of them:

A Star DEEPAK CHOPRA Tweet with Painting

Deepak Chopra LOVED my painting! And he tweeted that to all of his followers!

But wait. This wasn’t all.

Deepak Chopra’s re-tweet set off a chain reaction that was least expected… at least by me. His tweet was picked up by @Khunnie0624 — a Thai American singer/actor and a member of South Korean boy band (according to Wikipedia). That generated thousands of likes, re-tweets, and mentions! Here is his tweet:

A Star retweet by @Khunnie0624Now — how is that for the magic of #CosmicConsciousness?

The painting that made me famous — for a day or two at least — is this one:

A Star 500 px (1)

And if you want to be part of this piece of history, it’s available in print here. I’ll even sign it for you if you live somewhere near me! And if I do say so myself… my other paintings are lovely too — so check them out here.



Painting story cards

Never underestimate the power of a creative evening with friends. A few markers, paints, sparkly things, magazines — and voila. Your inner child comes out to play, you feel like the world with all its issues/problems/headaches/etc is no longer around, and hours pass in complete bliss. Don’t know what that’s like? Gather a few friends, give them the tools, and watch fun and creativity unfold.

Here are my creations from that evening:

Story Factory Spain Cards

Made for The Story Factory.