Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sleep, where art thou?

When I cannot sleep, I do one or two of the following:

  1. I listen to the sounds of my dog licking Mr. Me’s forehead while Mr. Me produces a racket that can only be described as angry Mt Vesuvius meeting Eyjafjallajökull (for the record Mt. Vesuvius is angry because it cannot either pronounce or remember Eyjafjallajökull’s name and how else could two volcanoes be friends? On unrelated note, it turns out Eyjafjallajökull has a neighbor named Katla so what the hell, Iceland? You couldn’t come up with an easier name for Katla’s next of kin?)
  1. I turn from one side to another testing which one of my shoulders goes numb faster.
  1. I live the internal struggle of sending all sleep to hell and peeking into my phone to check on my Facebook likes.
  1. I write up stories and paint pictures in my head. And sometimes I come up with something good. Something like this:

An Opportunity

Or like this:

The Big BangThis last one doesn’t have a name yet (DO NOT SAY BASEBALL).

  1. I suffer extreme sleep-envy towards Mr. Me and I fight the desire to wake him up to tell him about my day.
  1. I finally fall asleep.