Things-I-don’t-understand-but-feel-ridiculous-to-ask-about series: winter attire

This series deserves its own blog, if not its own Internet. Because there are so many things I don’t understand but feel ridiculous asking about. Like quantum physics, for instance. It fascinates me to no end, I love reading about how it can explain everything from cosmos to bad luck, and yet whenever I get to the part where the writer attempts to clarify its most basic concepts, my brain decides to take an extended nap like the one induced by Kazakhstan’s mysterious sleeping illness.

Not from the same category but equally as puzzling is American football. Mr. Me has tried to enlighten me every year for the past 20+ and I still don’t get it. So a game that takes an hour yet lasts three-and-a-half, causes a human stampede every five seconds, and uses an oval object, which it stubbornly dubs a ball despite its obvious non ball-y shape, can actually qualify as sport? And be interesting to watch?

The latest, though, in this series is the phenomenon I’ve been observing the last three winters in Madrid, Spain. With temperatures hovering anywhere between 0C and 13C (about 33-55F) and everyone around wearing either pants, tights, leggings, or some other piece of clothing that covers the legs, little boys of 3 to 5 years of age are outside in shorts and socks. Yep. I am seeing this:

Winter shorts

And I am dying to know why. But until now I’ve stopped myself from accosting their fur-coat-clad mothers.

Because, obviously, I have far too many manners.


4 thoughts on “Things-I-don’t-understand-but-feel-ridiculous-to-ask-about series: winter attire

  1. I’ve noticed that, too! 🙂 Well, actually, I go running in shorts in winter and it’s fine if you’re moving, and children normally do that a lot. But, being used to mothers wrapping children in layers of extremely warm clothes, I wouldn’t let my own one go out like that (or maybe I will some day, when I adapt more?).

    1. The boys I usually see aren’t running but either walking slowly or sitting in strollers. 🙂 Hahaha about the layers of clothes — I remember that from St Pete!

  2. sorry, i have to agree with mr. me. i am an american and i have been watching football all of my life. i do agree that the games are waaaay to long :). the kid in the shorts, i don’t get either.

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