Writing while… Part I

Lately I’ve been doing a lot more writing.

In my head.

I am lucky if any of that writing ever makes it onto a page or a computer screen simply because I cannot keep that many ideas in my brain at the same time. The idea for this blog post, for instance, appeared about a week ago and it took me seven days, five hours, and fourteen minutes to start recording it here and now. So I am wondering if any of the following ever happens to you and what you do about it?

Writing while walking

Some of the best ideas come to me when I am either in a hurry somewhere or in the pool (more about that down below). I’d be walking down a street to a meeting or a class or some other event that has taken me away from my computer and I’d be thinking about the various topics I’d want to write about. During any one walk I am capable of thinking up at least three topics but I am not at all capable of recording them.

Before you ask – of course, I carry a notebook. And I even carry a smart phone with a handy notes app where I can record my ideas just as easily. But it never happens. Mostly because I am usually running really, really late or because things that I’ve recorded in my notebook in the past never make any sense to me when I read them again. It is almost as if my brain enters a different realm when my legs are moving. But as soon as I sit down at my desk and look at those ideas, I go – eh? Why would I want to write about that? And what does “cousin—&—wiping table with paper—&—jamon” mean anyway???

Writing while in the pool or any other body of water

My gym has a spa that features at least four different pools with various jet streams. Not to mention a sauna and a steam room. So, in short, there is a lot of water—which actually is the reason I chose that gym in the first place.

It happens without fail every single time. As soon as I put on my bathing suit, squeeze my head into a ridiculous swimming cap, and enter any of the aforementioned bodies of water, my brain begins to fire off ideas. New ideas, ideas to help me with pieces where I’ve been blocked for weeks, ideas that seem to come from the left field completely, and ideas that aren’t even mine.

I have nothing to write any of those ideas down and even if I had – I am wet. So instead of relaxing, which is what I am supposedly paying for in this gym, I am sweating trying to memorize the most useful of them. By the time I leave the spa, I am so stressed that I am lucky to remember where my locker is, let alone anything I thought of.

Please tell me I am not alone! Does this happen to you too?

I have a few more of Writing while… so stay tuned for the next one!

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