Wish of the Day

A few weeks ago I moved to another country. Although it’s not something new for me (I am used to moving every few years), it’s still a process that throws me for a loop every single time. Because for me settling in doesn’t just consist of unpacking boxes, finding appropriate school for kids, and arranging furniture to make my new house feel like home. For me settling in means gathering all the pieces of myself that go astray during a move — kind of like pieces of a puzzle — and putting them all together again.

Since I excel at lists, I make sure I write down all the pieces that are missing. I write them down on paper, speak them aloud to Siri, and keep some in my head. And then, knowing that the Universe is right there helping me build back my puzzle, I keep my eyes and ears open for people, experiences, and signs that cross my path. Because you know what? All of them bring along something that can grow into an opportunity to find those lost pieces.

Two days ago my Universe-help alarm went off. I received a review of a piece I wrote on the Absolute Write Forums where writers help writers – and I saw that the reviewer is living in the same city where I now live. Not many list their places of residence under their avatars but this time it was there. An accident or a co-incidence?  I think neither. Instead, it was a beautifully planned opportunity for me to try to get one of my puzzle pieces. “Life is always giving you new beginnings — it’s up to you whether to take them or not.”

And so I wrote to the reviewer and in response received some great information about the English-language writers’ groups in my new city. How cool is this? A writing group is exactly one of the puzzle pieces that I have been looking for!

I’ve noticed that our puzzle pieces re-appear and our wishes come true when we don’t obsess over them, don’t struggle to control them, and don’t try so hard that it becomes tedious. They come true when we let go, then think “would not it be nice…”, and then give the Universe the space to work its magic.

What wishes have come true for you lately?






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