A travel sketch

You know how sometimes when you change places first your eyes adjust and then your brain picks up the cue that something is different? Like when after driving through a tunnel you exit into a bright sunshine?

I find it fascinating that it also happens when you travel from country to country. Your eyes pick up the difference faster than your brain. And then you get that little jolt of apprehension and you grasp it.

Something happened.

Something changed.

What is it?

This first happened to me when I flew from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Miami, Florida after a year of absence from the US. When I stepped off that plane my eyes immediately told me that something peculiar was going on – something that was new to me. It took my brain a moment to catch up and then I knew it. Miami’s diversity offered a stark contrast to Buenos Aires’s homogeneity.

A similar thing transpired recently on my arrival to Madrid, Spain. Suddenly my eyes were picking up something different but this time it took the brain a little longer to recognize it. In fact, a few days passed before it registered that most women were wearing dresses and skirts — as opposed to pants and shorts that were ubiquitous in the US.

Things I notice, hmm?

What about you? What kinds of changes have your eyes been informing your brain about?









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